The hackathon starts on 1st Mai at 1 pm and ends on 3rd Mai at 1 pm.

Only major individuals can participate in the hackathon. Participants can come from all the countries from the UN.

Submission requirements:
Teams have to submit the following deliverables: 

  • A slide deck of up to 11 slides, excluding titles and appendices. 
  • A 3 min video. All of your team members should appear at least once. 

Any other deliverable is welcome but not mandatory

Submission Rights & Display
The submissions are open-source and can be reused by anyone. The organiser (YES-Europe) has the right to display the solutions after the competition on its media channel and website. 

Prizes & Winner Selection
The prizes are three times 1000 Euros, offered by our sponsors, one per category: Resources, Policy and ,